Washing & In Field Meat Care

Caribou Gear Ultralight Synthetic Game Bags
Washing and In Field Meat Care

With 45 years of hunting experience, 22 years of game bag development and 15 years of market sales, we’ve put in the time for proper meat care, game bag design and knowledge.  We are proud to know that after 15 years, many of our customers are still using the same game bag set. This is a testament to our design, construction, fabric, but most of all those who properly care for their game bags.

Note: Always use cold water when washing. Bleach will not deteriorate game bag fabric.

Using a five gallon bucket pre-soak your bags in cold water with a tablespoon of dish soap. Dish soap assists in removing oils and rehydrating dried meat particles for easy removal. 

  1. Soak for 1/2 hour, rinse thoroughly, being sure to remove all hair and meat particles, from inside and out of bag.  
  2. Complete washing by hand or machine (see below) 

Washing in 5-gallon bucket 

  1. 1/2 cup (regular) laundry detergent and 1/2 cup bleach in cold water.
  1. Agitate for at least 10-15 minutes, rinse thoroughly (repeat if necessary).
  1. Hang dry.
  1. The fabric will drip dry in approximately 1/2 hour pending ambient temperature.   

Machine Washing 

  1. 1/2 cup (regular) laundry detergent and 1/2 cup bleach in cold water. 
  2. Tumble dry using cool setting or hang dry.

Note: Bleach and machine wash will not harm logo or game bag fabric.  


In Field Meat Care 

On a prolonged hunt, game bag care is extremely important for proper meat care. Having any air restriction on game bags will quickly spoil game meat content.

Using clean game bags and meat care procedures makes it possible to have meat survive un-refrigerated for up to 15+ days at temperature around (daytime) 35-40 degrees and 10 days with variable temps from 35-50 degrees. With nighttime temps dipping down to 32 and daytime temps around 40 degrees we’ve had meat make it for 20+ days.  This timeframe is impossible when using nylon or cotton canvas game bags. In a short time nylon inherently retains moisture and cotton canvas wicks-in and retains ambient moisture, greatly increasing spoilage in just a couple of days.

Hang game bags using a meat pole. In this case, all meat on bone quarters should be hanging (using paracord) from the leg shank, with game bags slipped and tied off at the top. This method will allow game bags to easily be removed and hang free around game meat. This allows for best air circulation and keeps meat from sticking to the game bag.  Game bags with meat parts should be placed flat over dead fall branches, laying with meat spread out and not clumped or touching. This allows air to best circulate around game meat. Move meat around within the bag each day, allowing all meat areas to have proper air circulation. 


Day 2 - at last hour of daylight

  1. Remove game bags, spray meat with CG antimicrobial Game Bag Spray. The food grade game bag spray kills bacteria, retards bacteria growth, and keeps insects from (laying eggs) contacting meat. Bacteria and moisture promotes spoilage!
  1. Rinse game bags free of dirt, and dry blood in any available water. Special care should be applied to game bags with intestinal fluids. If possible kill bacteria using Caribou Gear antimicrobial Game Bag Spray. Soap is not required, the purpose of this procedure is to open all pores of the fabric allowing air to circulate. 
  1. Hang dry overnight on a nearby bush or branch. Be sure to reapply game bags on game meat at first light.    
  1. On extended hunts, after 5 days we recommend removing game bags late in the evening and replacing at first light.  Be sure to spray game bag spray directly on meat on the first evening. Your objective is to create and retain a glaze (dry skin) over game meat.