Load image into Gallery viewer, Caribou - M.O.B (Meat On Bone) Game Bags For Caribou
Load image into Gallery viewer, The Caribou is the best light weight game bag for caribou hunting. Light weight and compact.
Load image into Gallery viewer, The Caribou Game Bag System Has a Narrow Profile For Easy Packing.
Load and play video in Gallery viewer, Caribou - M.O.B (Meat On Bone) Game Bags For Caribou
Load and play video in Gallery viewer, Caribou - M.O.B (Meat On Bone) Game Bags For Caribou

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Caribou - M.O.B (Meat On Bone) Game Bags For Caribou

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High Country Series
The Worlds only Patented Ultralight Game Bag

Caribou - This 6 game bag system is made for the Alaska and Canadian hunter required to bring out meat on bone, including the ribs. The species specific bare bones product contains game bags unique to the Caribou package only. A Perfect fit for the Alpine or Tundra Caribou hunter. Suited for Caribou Meat on Bone Quarters, Ribs and Meat Parts.

How are we different
Our technologically advanced stain resistant synthetic fabric is scientifically made from a liquid state and specifically made for extreme meat care.  With near all quality attributes of cotton, such as wicking away moisture and most importantly breathability, but has the added strength and durability of a synthetic fabric.  It was important for our game bags to have the characteristics of cotton and not the negative attributes of a pure nylon. A pure nylon bag doesn’t allow the meat to breathe risking meat spoilage. 

Why No Logos! We've designed our game bags with meat care in mind. After 21 years of development and over 50 years of hunting we understand how important breathability is in a game bag, silk screen logos, or any attachments around bag, preventing air circulation, risking meat spoilage. 

The Caribou Features

  • Bull Caribou sized game, Fits a mature meat on bone bull caribou. 
  • Breathable and Tough - Designed to breathe like cotton, with the strength of synthetic. No dust, bugs or wasps can penetrate, 300 lb rated draw string. NO LOGOS for maximum breathability. See game bag destruction  video.   
  • Visibility - Light reflective draw string and tabs, strategically located so no mater how they are facing they are easy to locate at night, and tabs are attached to seam not interfering with breathability.
  • Lock Loop - Designed to attach game bag content, *ID Tags, and to lock game bag closed for secure transport, and when in public coolers.
  • Reusable and Strong - Machine and bleach safe, durable proven performance year after year.

Specifications/Package Content   

  • 4 - 20” x 38" Quarter Bags
  • 1 - 20” x 38" Rib Bag
  • 1 - 16” x 21" Meat Parts Bags 
  • 1 - Storage bag with rubber coated mesh lower and logo Nylon Upper. Designed to transport dirty game bags, and so insects can’t gain access.    
  • Package size: 5.5” x 5.25”
  • Total Weight: 19 oz. 

Item Number #8835

*ID Tags (sold separately) Tyvek® water/tear proof Big Game ID Tags (#6406) to easily identify game bag content, game species, part, hunter contact information, harvest date, unit number and check off box to identify bullet/arrow damaged part. (Attach Link) 

15+ years of proven success, don't settle for less!

The Muley system is proudly packaged in the USA

Be sure to see

  • Game Bag Destruction Video - Shows overall strength! (see above)
  • Meat Transfer Form and Field Tips - This is a free must have! Do you need to gift meat or transfer possession of meat for transport you'll need this form. Also helpful tips when hunting in bear county, meat care and washing game bags and so much more... Print PDF      
  • How to wash your game bags and in field meat care