Our Top Holiday Gift Ideas for Hunters

Our Top Holiday Gift Ideas for Hunters

Author Ryan McSparran

Just like last year, delivery companies are expecting to be at max capacity this Christmas season. If you’re planning to order gifts for your favorite hunter, don’t wait until the last minute. It’s time to get your holiday shopping done! 

If you need gift ideas, we have some good ones. Our favorite hunting gear items are in stock – including new gear and unique items that would put a smile on any hunter’s face.

Here are some of our top gift ideas for hunters this Christmas…

Koyukon Gear Dry Bags

The new Koyukon Gear dry bags are built for adventure. These include duffel style dry bags and roll-top dry bags. They have been among of our top-selling new products in 2021 and we know they’d be a hit for any hunter.

The Koyukon Gear Dry Duffel Bags include removable backpack straps, an air release valve for easy packing and tons of other smart features. They are built with extremely high quality components and thoughtfully designed for practical use in the field.

Check out the following video to learn more about the new dry bags from Koyukon. Click here to order yours now.

The Hunter’s Tarp

Here’s an idea that any hunter can use. The Caribou Gear Hunter’s Tarp is an ultralight, multi-purpose tarp that’s designed specifically for hunters.

Our Hunter’s Tarp is a multi-use field tarp that weighs only 5.6 ounces including the stuff sack and 4 included ground stakes. It makes a clean, dry surface to place quarters and debone meat when breaking down an animal in the field. And it’s completely waterproof, so it makes a perfect backpack liner for hauling meat. The Hunter’s Tarp also makes a great glassing shelter or emergency shelter. Stake it out with trekking poles or across tree limbs to set up a comfortable shelter from sun, snow or rain. Or, suspend it above the meat pole back at camp to keep your wild game shaded and dry.

It’s so lightweight and so versatile, the Hunter’s Tarp should find its way into every hunter’s backpack. For a detailed look at the Hunter’s Tarp and how we use it, see our previous article on that subject.

Randy Newberg Knives by Gerber

If you know a hunter who could always appreciate a new knife, you need to check out the new series of knives that were designed in partnership between Gerber and our friend, Randy Newberg. These knives were designed based on Randy’s own experience and needs in the field. Combined with the quality and craftsmanship of Gerber knives, the result is one of the best hunting knives on the market. 

Click here to purchase yours now.

Bullet Wallets

The Caribou Gear Bullet Wallets were designed meet the needs of hunters in a variety of field situations. Made from Cordura ballistic fabric, the Bullet Wallets fold into a streamlined package. They are even designed to protect polymer and soft-tipped bullets. 

The bullet wallets come in three different configurations. Choose from one that holds 5 rifle bullets and an ID/License Pouch, one that holds 10 rifle rounds and one that accommodates 5 rifle rounds and 10 handgun rounds.

The Bullet Wallets are compact and will make the perfect stocking stuffer to surprise your favorite hunter! If you’d like to know more about what makes our Bullet Wallets unique, see this previous article for an inside look

Food and Cook Systems

What’s one thing you must take on every hunt? Food – and a way to prepare it. Our favorite stove systems in the field are the Jetboil Flash and the Jetboil Zip. They can boil water extremely quickly even in cold and windy conditions. And they’re highly fuel efficient. There’s simply no better way to prepare a hot, tasty meal in the backcountry.

Our go-to meals on a backcountry hunt are those from Mountain House and Peak Refuel. They’re lightweight, nutritious and calorie-dense for even the most strenuous mountain hunts. There’s nothing quite like a hot meal at the beginning or end of a long day to keep your body fueled.

Surprise your favorite hunter this Christmas with a new Jetboil stove system or with some of the great new meal options from Peak Refuel and Mountain House. Shop all of our food and stove systems here.

GPS/Phone Holster

We set out to design a better way to carry a smartphone or traditional GPS unit in the field. The result is our Caribou Gear GPS/Phone Holster. Attach it to a hip belt or your backpack shoulder harness for security and quick access to your OnX and other navigational systems.

Built with Cordura ballistic fabric and heavy-duty materials from top to bottom, the GPS/Phone Holster is extremely durable. It will accommodate standard GPS units as well as most smartphones, even with protective cases or spotting scope adapter cases.

The GPS/Phone Holster will make another great addition to any hunter’s stocking!

Meat Care Accessories

You’ll find even more great stocking suffers among our meat care accessories. Paracord, Citric Acid Spray, Carabiners and Pulleys are all useful items to assist any hunter in the field. When breaking down an animal, keeping the meat clean, safe and dry is a high priority. Give someone the tools they need to get it done efficiently. 

You can shop our whole lineup of meat care accessories here.

Caribou Gear Lanyards

When we design something, we take the time, effort and research to make it better than anything else available. And our Caribou Gear Lanyards are no different. Built with marine corrosion resistant hardware and extremely durable materials from end-to-end, these Lanyards are perfect for securing a rangefinder, GPS and other important items.

The Lanyards come in two different clasp sizes. The small clasp is pairs perfectly with the small D Rings on our GPS/Phone Holster and other small attachment points. The large clasp is better suited to most backpack D Rings and other large attachment points.

Caribou Gear Lanyards have a host of different outdoor applications from hunting to fishing and beyond, and will make great stocking stuffers this season. 

The Hanger

The Hanger is our custom-designed bear bag and multi-use hanging system. Use it to hang food, suspend a tarp, as a clothesline or a variety of other applications. True to form for Caribou Gear, we built The Hanger with the best and most durable components available. 

After years of trial and error, we finally perfected this food-hanging system. It’s made with a durable climbers cord that actually becomes more dense and round under heavy tension (unlike paracord which flattens) so that it slides much more easily over tree limbs. The bag and the cord it contains can be thrown 65 feet under its own weight!

The Hanger is an ideal compact hanging system for the backcountry and makes a great holiday surprise for those hunters who seem to have everything else.

Game Bags

Honestly, did you think we’d get through a list of our favorite products without mentioning the game bags? After all, this is our bread and butter. In case you’re not familiar with Caribou Gear game bags, here’s the scoop…

Caribou Gear game bags are the world’s only game bags to receive a patent. The proprietary fabric brings an unparalleled level of breathability, offering excellent meat care under the most demanding conditions. In addition to the breathable nature of the fabric, it’s also highly protective from flies, wasps, dirt and other contaminants. At the same time, it’s also lightweight and insanely durable. Finally, it’s completely washable. A set of Caribou Gear game bags can last for many years.

There’s simply no other game bag that can offer that combination of meat care, breathability and durability in a lightweight, washable, reusable design. 

This holiday season consider treating your favorite hunter to the best game bags available! They come in sets designed for any species and any type of hunting adventure. Not sure which game bags to choose? Check out this previous article on how to select the right game bags for your next hunt.

You can shop our entire lineup of Caribou Gear Game Bag systems here.

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