Hunting Gear Designed by Hunters, for Hunters

Hunting Gear Designed by Hunters, for Hunters

Author Ryan McSparran

At Caribou Gear Equipment Company, we are dedicated to creating hunting products that solve real needs for hunters. Our designs focus on function, practicality, and reliability in the field. When it comes to construction, we are committed to using the best available materials and techniques.

Each one of our hunting gear items stemmed from a realized need. Many of these ideas came for Caribou Gear founder Ted Ramirez, on his DIY moose hunts in Alaska. If you’ve hunted in Alaska, you know that it has a tendency to highlight needs and to bring out the weaknesses in any gear.

Here’s an inside look at our top hunting gear accessories, including the intended functions, the materials and construction, and the reasons behind the design process: 

Caribou Gear Bullet Wallets

The design for our bullet wallets stemmed from a dissatisfaction with the other options on the market. And we got fed up with stashing shells in our pockets. We know many of you have been there too. So we set out to design the best possible bullet carry system. 

Our bullet wallets are made with Cordura ballistic nylon. We worked hard to create a perfect balance between stiffness and a foldable design. We finally ended up with a strong wallet that folds up neatly without bulging. We also took special care to create a design that would protect soft and polymer-tipped bullets. 

The Caribou Gear Bullet Wallets are available in three different configurations. Versatility is something that we always look for in great hunting gear. What works on one hunt may not work on another. So we decided to create different bullet wallet designs that could meet completely different needs.

First, we have a Bullet Wallet that holds 5 rifle bullets, plus a pocket for your hunting license and/or ID. Next, we have a bullet wallet that holds 10 rifle rounds. And finally, we designed a Bullet Wallet that holds 5 rifle rounds and 10 handgun rounds. This is perfect for those trips to Alaska or grizzly country.

On each of these options, the rifle bullet sleeves will comfortably hold rounds from .223 up to a .300 Weatherby. And the handgun bullet sleeves can accommodate rounds up to .454 Casull.

Here you can take a look at all three Bullet Wallet designs.


Caribou Gear GPS/Phone Holster

The Caribou Gear GPS/Phone Holster is designed to provide quick access and security for navigational devices. The motivation for this design came from the need to have easy access to our mapping systems while still keeping them safe and secure.

While on his float trip hunts in Alaska, it was important for Ted to have quick access to his GPS. And while hunting here in the lower 48, we’re often reaching for the phone when navigating using OnX Hunt maps. Now that so many hunters use a smartphone and OnX app in place of a GPS, we knew that a versatile system would be able to accommodate both options.

The Caribou Gear GPS/Phone Holster will keep a GPS or a smartphone within easy reach, and totally secure. It is designed to attach to a backpack shoulder harness or a hip belt. It will accommodate most standard GPS units, Walkie-Talkies and iPhone/Android models.

Check them out here and let us know what you think.


Caribou Gear Rangefinder & GPS Lanyards

Speaking of keeping electronics secure, that’s exactly why we designed the Caribou Gear Lanyards. These lanyards are designed to tether a GPS, rangefinder, camera or GoPro. We designed the Caribou Gear Lanyards in-house, in order to achieve the exact functionality we needed, using components and construction that would provide durability and longevity under extreme conditions.

The Caribou Gear Rangefinder & GPS Lanyards are built using a compact stretch cord and corrosion-resistant metal alloy hardware. A connection loop on one end attaches to a rangefinder or GPS. On the other end is an easy-to-use locking hook.

For versatility, we decided to offer the locking hook in two available sizes. The Lanyard with small hook is perfect for attaching to a GPS/Phone Holster or other small rings and attachment points. The Lanyard with large hook is ideal for securing to backpack D-rings or other large attachment points.

The Lanyards have enough reach to comfortably bring a rangfinder from your waist belt up to your eye. Rated at 30-pounds and built with quality materials from top to bottom, you can be confident that your electronics will remain secure.

Take a look at our Lanyards here


Caribou Gear Hunter’s Tarp

The Caribou Gear Hunter’s Tarp is an ultra lightweight, multi-purpose tarp that’s extremely waterproof and will keep blood off your pack when hauling meat. At just 4.3 ounces, it’s a quick-pitch glassing shelter, a ground tarp for meat care, and backpack liner when packing out meat.

We designed the Hunter’s tarp using an advanced two-sided multi-coated silpolyU™ for extreme waterproofing and to keep blood from seeping through – even under heavy loads. Whether you’re waiting out a storm under the tarp or using it to haul meat, it was designed to be absolutely impermeable.

It comes with a stuff sack and four durable aluminum ground stakes. The tarp has reinforced stake loops with long extensions – this allows the tarp to be staked out in tall grass or snow. At 5’x4’, it’s large enough to debone meat on the ground. Then, it can be used as a liner to keep blood off your backpack during the pack out.

If hanging meat in a tree or on a meat pole, the tarp can be suspended above to provide shade and to keep the meat dry and protected from rain or snow. Reflective webbing is also sewn into the corners, making the tarp and your meat cache visible at night.

When glassing for long periods, use trekking poles or a tree branch to create an easy glassing shelter. The Hunter’s Tarp was intentionally designed to serve a wide range of uses in a small, lightweight package.

The combined weight of the tarp, four stakes and stuff sack is just 5.6 ounces. This makes it an essential item in your backpack, right next to your emergency kit and kill kit. The tarp is available in a high-visibility orange and in green.

Check out the Hunter's Tarp here and let us know if you have any questions.


The Hanger from Caribou Gear

Our design for The Hanger has been years in the making. Loaded with 65 feet of strong, climber’s cord, the entire length can be thrown under its own weight, allowing campers to easily hang food, gear or clothesline.

No matter what gets you outdoors, keeping food away from predators, raccoons or rodents is a universal backcountry reality. We spent a great deal of effort to design a gear hanging system and throw bag that’s extremely durable and highly functional.

In the design for The Hanger, we used ultra durable Cordura fabric and corrosion resistant alloy hardware. The 3mm cord takes a page from the rock-climbing playbook, and actually becomes round under tension rather than flattening like Para-Cord. This makes it far easier to pull over tree limbs with heavy weight. 

Uses for The Hanger and throw bag are extremely varied. Hang a bear bag, suspend a tarp, tie off an animal’s leg while field dressing, line dry wet clothing or game bags…whether traveling in bear country or anywhere in the backcountry, this is a piece of gear that goes with us everywhere.

Learn more about The Hanger here.


Bino Extreme Weather Cover & Harness Set

Caribou Gear founder Ted Ramirez designed this Bino Cover & Harness for trips in Alaska, when hunting and floating down rivers in wet, rainy weather. Ted realized the need for a slim, minimalistic cover and harness that was totally waterproof.

Even after days in the pouring rain or snow, the Bino Extreme Weather Cover will not become heavy and soaked. The outer shell is made with Cordura™ Ballistic fabric with a waterproof, TPU coating. The inside of the cover is lined with quick drying leather suede that will protect those valuable optics.

The Bino Extreme Weather Cover & Harness Set is designed to accommodate binoculars up to 10x42 or up to 10-inches tall. The entire system is extremely lightweight. The sleek design makes it easy and comfortable to carry, even on extended hunting trips.

Check out the Bino Extreme Weather Cover & Harness Set here.

Contact Us With Questions

As you prepare for your upcoming hunting adventures, we’re here to help. If you have questions about these items or anything else we carry, please don’t hesitate to ask. 

By Ryan McSparran

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