New Camping Gear from Seek Outside and More

New Camping Gear from Seek Outside and More

Author Ryan McSparran

We are excited to announce that we have new camping gear in stock, just in time for spring hunts and summer camping trips! We are now carrying tents from Seek Outside, as well as gear from some of our other favorite brands.

Here at Caribou Gear, the items that we choose to carry in our store are ones that we personally trust in the field. From Kenetrek Boots to Jetboil stove systems, we use it and therefore we can confidently recommend these items to our customers.

For that reason, we are thrilled to let you know that we are now offering tents from Seek Outside, another locally owned Colorado company. I have been personally using Seek Outside tents for almost ten years and they have been a total game-changer for my camping and hunting adventures. From remote northern British Columbia, to the Boundary Waters, to the Olympic Peninsula, to backpacking and hunting trips right here in our home state of Colorado, we’ve used these tents in a wide range of climates and conditions.

Here are a few of our favorite things about these tents... 

Space-to-Weight Ratio

The most striking thing about these tents compared to a traditional backpacking tent (or even base camping tents) is their space-to-weight ratio. The amount of space you have inside the tent for how much it weighs is simply unmatched. For example, the Seek Outside Redcliff is tall enough to stand up inside and can easily sleep four adult hunters with lots of gear. You’d never guess that a tent that roomy weighs just a shade over 5 pounds! Likewise, the Seek Outside Cimarron and the Silex offer an amazing amount of space for their packed weight, which are 3.4lbs and 1.3lbs respectively.


The next thing we’ve come to appreciate about Seek Outside tents is their versatility. The tipi-style tent can be pitched up off the ground to allow for airflow in hot weather, or tight to the ground in stormy weather. We’ve also found it helpful that we can adjust the size or shape of the footprint in order to fit into tight spots. Plus, Seek Outside tents give us the ability to add a packable, titanium wood stove as well as other optional accessories. Whether it’s a laid-back summer trip camping in the dead of winter, these tents can do anything. 

No-Floor Design 

If you’ve never used a floorless tent, we can certainly understand having reservations. However, I can say with confidence having made the change to a floorless tent – I could never go back! 

Not only does a floorless tent design save weight and allow for much more interior space, it offers a number of other key advantages. First, it makes it easy to add a packable, titanium wood stove in cold weather. And, it allows you to customize the interior space to your liking. Muddy boots? No worries. Leave the ground inside the entrance uncovered so that you can walk in and out without removing your boots. In the sleeping areas or areas that you want to keep clean, you can lay down a tarp or a lightweight sheet of Tyvek. In our hunting camps, we tend to leave most of the floor uncovered so that we can walk in and out with boots, stack firewood, etc. Then under our beds, we lay out an ultralight tarp or Tyvek sheet.

Keep an eye out for more upcoming articles and videos, where we’ll offer an in-depth look at these tents and how to make the adjustment to a no-floor design. However, for the purposes of this brief announcement, suffice it to say that we’ve camped in the snow, rain, wind and everything in between – and we’ve never missed having a traditional tent with an attached, bathtub-style floor. Learn a few tricks for cozy camping in a floorless tent, and you’ll never want to go back to a cramped (and heavy) backpacking tent.

More New Camping Gear 

In addition to the tents from Seek Outside, we’re also excited to announce that we are carrying new gear from Klymit, including sleeping pads, sleeping bags and more. Click here to check out all the great new camping gear we have in stock.

In addition to Klymit, stay tuned for more great camping brands coming soon! We’re bringing in some of our tried and true gear favorites and we can’t wait to add them to the Caribou Gear Store.

Contact Us With Questions

If you have questions or if you need help getting ready for your next adventure, please reach out. We’d be happy to make recommendations so that you have the right tools for the job.

We are not just another big online retailer with a black hole for customer service. We are a family-owned small business, headquartered in Colorado. And our mission is to provide the best gear for your outdoor pursuits.

By Ryan McSparran

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