New JetBoil Stoves: Save Weight on Your Next Hunting Trip

New JetBoil Stoves: Save Weight on Your Next Hunting Trip

Author Ryan McSparran

We are excited to announce that we have new products from JetBoil in stock, including two awesome new stove systems that can help shave weight on your backcountry hunting adventures this year… 


The Caribou Gear team has been using JetBoil stoves for years. From right here in Colorado to remote trips in Alaska, they are perfectly designed for backcountry travel. Here are a few of the reasons we have and continue to use them… 

First, they boil water in a snap. After a long day of hunting, we can quickly boil water for a hot meal from Mountain House or Peak Refuel. Second, the speed at which these stoves boil water makes them very fuel-efficient. That means we use less fuel, saving weight and space on a remote expedition. They are called JetBoil for a reason!

We also appreciate these stove systems because they are compact and lightweight. Having a powerful stove in such a small, lightweight package is a big bonus. And that’s actually why we’re excited to carry two new stoves from JetBoil.


Previously, we’ve carried the Flash and the Zip stove systems from JetBoil. And we will continue to carry these options, as they all serve a purpose for different backcountry users. 

The two new stove systems that we are now carrying are the Stash and Mighty Mo. Here’s an overview of how they stack up, and which one we recommend for different hunting scenarios.

JetBoil Flash

The Flash is the largest and most powerful stove system that we carry from JetBoil. It has the ability to boil a full liter of water in just 100 seconds. It’s also extremely fuel efficient even in cold weather and on late season hunts. The only downside of the Flash’s capacity and efficiency is that it weighs slightly more and is slightly larger than other models. It weighs in at 13.1 ounces. 

JetBoil Zip

The Zip has been one of our customer favorites for years. It’s slightly smaller than the Flash with a 0.8-liter capacity and weighs in slightly less at just 12 ounces. It boils water not quite as quickly as the Flash – a bit over two minutes. But it’s also a less expensive system, making it a good choice to fit a budget.

JetBoil Stash

We are extremely excited to carry the new JetBoil Stash in the Caribou Gear Store. It won a Popular Mechanics Outdoor Award in 2021. Just like the Zip, it has a 0.8-liter capacity. But it weighs a mere 7.1 ounces and packs down to a very small size! A full 40% lighter than the Zip, this is a great option for those backcountry hunts where space and weight are at a premium. This weight savings comes at a cost in terms of the price tag and the boil time – it’s more expensive than the Zip or the Flash. And it boils water in 2.5 minutes - which is still extremely fast. This is a great option for those ultralight trips.

JetBoil Mighty Mo

Finally, the other new addition to the Caribou Gear store is the MightyMo, a versatile burner-only stove from JetBoil. This little stove folds down to an extremely compact size. And it weighs just 3.3 ounces, making it easy to carry whenever your adventures take you. Unlike the other JetBoil stoves that we carry, the MightyMo does not have an integrated pot. This makes it a great choice for backpackers who like to use a skillet or other cookware. It is also compatible with the JetBoil FluxRing pots, allowing you to use it in a variety of ways. 

JetBoil Fuel and Accessories

In addition to the stove systems, we also carry JetBoil fuel and accessories. Don’t forget to stock up on fuel canisters before the season. And we highly recommend the JetBoil Silicone Coffee Press. This is a quick and convenient way to brew a great cup of coffee on those remote hunting trips.

Shop all JetBoil stoves, fuel and accessories here.

Meals From Peak Refuel And Mountain House

Finally, check out the backcountry meals from both Peak Refuel and Mountain House. Hot breakfasts and dinners will keep you going on a tough hunt. We’ve found that both of these brands offer consistent quality, great flavors and the calories and nutrients needed for hard-working hunters.

Hopefully, these stove systems and meals will take you to some great places this year! From all of us here at Caribou Gear, we wish you the best of luck and lots of fun on all of your upcoming hunting adventures.

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