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Product Spotlight Video: The Wapiti Game Bag Set

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The Wapiti is our best-selling set of game bags. In this product spotlight, we’d like to tell you about our design for the Wapiti, what makes it different from our other sets of game bags, and what hunting situations are best suited to using this set.

Check out the video below for a hands-on look at the Wapiti. 

First, it’s important to note that all Caribou Gear game bags use the same, patented fabric. Our sets include different numbers of bags in different sizes for various species and hunting applications. But every single bag, including the Wapiti, is made with our unique synthetic-nylon blend that utilizes a high level of breathability for superior meat care, durability, and lightweight design. Plus, our bags are completely washable. A set of Caribou Gear game bags can last for many years.

So what makes the Wapiti different? This set of game bags is specifically designed for elk-sized game. It can accommodate a mature bull elk with bone-in quarters. The Wapiti includes a total of five game bags. There are four 23”x 40” quarter bags. This is big enough to hold even a large bull elk hindquarter. The Wapiti set also includes a 16”x 30” meat parts bag for the backstraps and other loose meat. 

The Wapiti is a part of our High Country Series, which is designed to be a lightweight, backcountry system. It’s more streamlined than it’s big brother, the Elk Magnum Pack. The Magnum Pack bags are cut slightly larger for more breathing room. Plus the Elk Magnum Pack includes two additional bags – a cape bag and a camp meat bag.

If you prefer to bone out your elk in the field, then you’ll want to look at our recently updated Carnivore set. With a long, tubular shape, the Carnivore bags are specifically designed to hold boneless meat. But if you prefer to pack bone-in elk quarters yet still want a minimalist, lightweight system – the Wapiti is perfect for you.

Check out this video for a hands-on look at the Wapiti:

If you’re using the Wapiti set, we’d love to know what you think! Tag us in your photos on Instagram at @caribougear or use the #CaribouGear hashtag. We love seeing Caribou Gear game bags in the field and getting practical feedback from hunters. 

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. And best of luck out there this season!

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  • Used on my elk in Oregon. Worked great, easy to find in the dark on the 2nd and 3rd trip back into the dark forest. Most important part, meat cooled very well. Proof in the meat that we are eating. Excellent.

    - Stuart

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